45: Culture: Valentine’s Day in Japan

valentines culture

Hey guys!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! ❤ I hope you all received/made/gave/whatever’d chocolate today! 🙂

I love that the loveliest holiday of all totally set today’s topic for me! Like most holidays we celebrate in western cultures, of course Valentine’s Day is different over here. Let’s take a look at the day of looooove in Japan!
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23: Resolutions

leap year

Hey guys!
Before I started this blog and was planning out how I wanted to post, I had intended for Sunday to be reserved for places/culture/food- things like that. With the holidays and all, things got a little jumbled. Everything will totally be back on track tomorrow, though!

I mean, the beginning of the year is only here for a short time right?

That being said, now that we’ve settled a little into 2016, I want to talk resolutions!
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