34: Fashion: Misch Masch

minty fashion banner

Hey guys!

I hope y’all had an amazing week! TGIF for sure! ✨✨

It seems, for me anyway, that I dress even girlier in the winter months. (if that’s even possible LOL)
Like, skirts and dresses with pretty sweaters and of course 160 denier tights are my go-to cold weather choices.

Today, for the weekly Fashion Friday post, I want to introduce you to a brand that just gets it. I’m talking about Misch Masch, of course!
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30: Fashion: CanCam February 2016


Hey guys!

I hope every one has had an amazing week! TGIF, right? ✨

I want to start doing a fashion magazine review once a month or so in lieu of the regular fashion/trend watch post I normally do on Friday. I figure that it would be a great opportunity to take a look at a lot of different trends/brands and maybe introduce Japanese fashion magazines all at once! ❤

This month, I want to introduce you to the ever fashionable, ever girly CanCam!
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26: Fashion: GU

thank you

Hey guys!

I want to say thank you so much for all of the positive feedback/likes/follows and even page views! I’m actually pretty humbled that people actually take the time to visit here, and blown away that people might actually read! Seriously, thank you so much! 💖💖

We haven’t talked much about fashion since before the holidays, so let’s pick up where we left off! This week, I want to take a closer look at a super budget-friendly Japanese fashion brand: GU.
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