45: Culture: Valentine’s Day in Japan

valentines culture

Hey guys!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! ❤ I hope you all received/made/gave/whatever’d chocolate today! 🙂

I love that the loveliest holiday of all totally set today’s topic for me! Like most holidays we celebrate in western cultures, of course Valentine’s Day is different over here. Let’s take a look at the day of looooove in Japan!
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39: Culture: Racism in Japan

japanese flag cluture

Hey guys!

One of the things I try really hard to do with this blog is keep the positive vibes flowing. I don’t really want to bring negative energy into the mix, because eww.

That being said, I feel I should warn you that today’s culture post is pretty heavy. It’s not negative really, but it’s something I feel you should all be aware of in the event that you travel to Japan or decide to live here. Unfortunately, when I first arrived I didn’t really have any idea that it would happen and I kinda wish I’d done a little more research.

This post is all about racism.
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35: Culture: ¥100 Shops (The Dollar Store)

Hey guys!

From the title of today’s post, you’re probably wondering why on earth someone would choose to write a culture post on dollar stores. 😆

The thing is, in Japan, they’re not even close to what we call ‘dollar’ stores back in the States. I mean sure, sometimes the quality of what you purchased isn’t the best, but it was a dollar, right?

Today I want to introduce three different ¥100 shops: Daiso, Seria and Lawson 100.
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31: Culture: Winter in Nagoya

winter culture

Hey guys!

It’s finally starting to get a little colder outside! Despite being the middle of January, we’ve had a pretty mild winter over here so far. That being said, my first year here was a bit of a shock to my Texas-born-system— it was super freaking cold.

I seriously thought I was going to freeze, because it was unlike any winter I’ve ever lived through! Soooo, I want to share some survival tips I’ve picked up along the way to keep warm and well through the Japanese winter!
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27: Culture: 成人の日 (Coming of Age Day)


Hey guys!

Tomorrow (January 11) is a holiday in Japan. It’s a pretty big deal if you’re 20 years old. Think debutante-level big deal.

It’s 成人の日 (せいじんのひ, or seijin no hi) and it’s the annual Japanese Coming of Age Day

Okay, so it really has nothing to do with me- I’m not Japanese or 20 years old- but it’s a day off from school and it’s still really cool to see everyone dressed up for the ceremony. Let’s talk about it a little bit and then we’ll get to the elaborate fashion involved! (YAY 🎉)
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22: Culture: Happy New Year!

new year

Happy 2016, y’all!

How much trouble did everyone get into last night? 😉
Do you remember? (HA)

I had a blast with friends, dressing up all fancy and going to dinner, then the bar. It’s so cool that even though I’m so far from home, it feels like I have a little family here. ❤

Speaking of being far from home, of course Japanese New Year is different from what I grew up with. Let’s discuss!
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