39: Culture: Racism in Japan

japanese flag cluture

Hey guys!

One of the things I try really hard to do with this blog is keep the positive vibes flowing. I don’t really want to bring negative energy into the mix, because eww.

That being said, I feel I should warn you that today’s culture post is pretty heavy. It’s not negative really, but it’s something I feel you should all be aware of in the event that you travel to Japan or decide to live here. Unfortunately, when I first arrived I didn’t really have any idea that it would happen and I kinda wish I’d done a little more research.

This post is all about racism.
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35: Culture: ¥100 Shops (The Dollar Store)

Hey guys!

From the title of today’s post, you’re probably wondering why on earth someone would choose to write a culture post on dollar stores. 😆

The thing is, in Japan, they’re not even close to what we call ‘dollar’ stores back in the States. I mean sure, sometimes the quality of what you purchased isn’t the best, but it was a dollar, right?

Today I want to introduce three different ¥100 shops: Daiso, Seria and Lawson 100.
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31: Culture: Winter in Nagoya

winter culture

Hey guys!

It’s finally starting to get a little colder outside! Despite being the middle of January, we’ve had a pretty mild winter over here so far. That being said, my first year here was a bit of a shock to my Texas-born-system— it was super freaking cold.

I seriously thought I was going to freeze, because it was unlike any winter I’ve ever lived through! Soooo, I want to share some survival tips I’ve picked up along the way to keep warm and well through the Japanese winter!
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27: Culture: 成人の日 (Coming of Age Day)


Hey guys!

Tomorrow (January 11) is a holiday in Japan. It’s a pretty big deal if you’re 20 years old. Think debutante-level big deal.

It’s 成人の日 (せいじんのひ, or seijin no hi) and it’s the annual Japanese Coming of Age Day

Okay, so it really has nothing to do with me- I’m not Japanese or 20 years old- but it’s a day off from school and it’s still really cool to see everyone dressed up for the ceremony. Let’s talk about it a little bit and then we’ll get to the elaborate fashion involved! (YAY 🎉)
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22: Culture: Happy New Year!

new year

Happy 2016, y’all!

How much trouble did everyone get into last night? 😉
Do you remember? (HA)

I had a blast with friends, dressing up all fancy and going to dinner, then the bar. It’s so cool that even though I’m so far from home, it feels like I have a little family here. ❤

Speaking of being far from home, of course Japanese New Year is different from what I grew up with. Let’s discuss!
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