44: Little Loves: Valentine’s Chocolate


Hey guys!

Sorry about Monday’s post. It’s the end of the school year over here and saying goodbye/planning lessons/CRYING my eyes out, coupled with a wicked bout of allergies kinda took all I had. D:

Sooo, let’s pick up with our weekly series with today’s Little Loves and Valentine’s Day chocolate! ❤ ❤
I mean, even if you don’t have anyone to give chocolate to or receive it from- Valentine’s Day is the BEST excuse to eat chocolate, no? 😍

I’ll do a separate post all about Valentine’s Day in Japan on Sunday, so stay tuned!

lovethesegarrets popcorn
Garrett Popcorn Sweetheart Bundle $49.99
(They finally have Garrett Popcorn in Nagoya! I’m not kidding when I say you’ll have to wait in line for like 30 minutes, though.)

Godiva 10 piece assortment ¥3,024
Um. Godiva is freaking expensive in Japan, guys.

Mary’s Chocolate and Little Price Collaboration
(Top L-R): 12 piece assortment ¥1,188; 14 piece assortment (moon)  ¥1,620
(Bottom L-R): 9 piece assortment ¥1,620;、5 piece assortment ¥1,080

Mary’s Chocolate and Moomin Collaboration
(Top L-R): 21 piece assortment ¥2,160; 9 piece assortment ¥1,296
(Bottom L-R): strawberry chocolate, 40g ¥864; 5 piece assortment ¥648

cat choco
Cat Box Chocolate 6 pieces ¥3,235

I don’t know about you guys, but I seriously have no problem ‘giving’ myself chocolate! 😂  I just gotta watch it and not buy EVERYTHING I see, lol. Oh, there’s also a freaking chocolate event at Takashimaya in Nagoya Station if anyone’s interested. It’s like a chocolate extravaganza. Or fair. Or death of my wallet.

So are you making chocolate this year? Giving chocolate this year? Share, share!

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