42: Fashion: Spring 2016

fashion jeans

Hey guys!

That means it’s Fashion Friday again! ✨✨
Today, I want us to take a look at a few different trends that are showing up all over the place in Japanese fashion for the spring.

It looks like the 90s and early 2000s had a baby and it was called Spring 2016.

wide pants

Left: GU ¥1,990  Center:  Lowrys Farm ¥5,292  Right:  Misch Masch ¥10,260

Call me old fashioned, but these seriously make me recall rolling out of bed and heading to class in college. I’m pretty sure we were crazy about ‘gaucho’ pants in the early 2000s, no? That being said, I’m not ready to jump back on this train just yet. Maybe I’ll warm up to them? The problem is, the way these are cut you literally have to be a toothpick for them to hang right. I just kinda look dumpy. :<

Okay, so I confess that really like the lacy ones from Misch Masch, though. (lol)


Left: GU ¥2,490  Center: Lowrys Farm ¥8,100  Right: Lowrys Farm ¥8,100

I should know better than to say that things won’t ever come back into style. Obviously fashion, much like history, tends to repeat itself. That being said, how stinkin’ cute are these overalls?? I have a pair of boot cut GAP overalls from high school that I promise are still in my closet at my mom’s house.


Left: Lowrys Farm ¥4,860  Center: Misch Masch ¥19,224  Right: Lowrys Farm ¥4,212

You can’t really have spring without flower patterns, right? Personally, as much as I love pink (which is like the essence of spring, lol), I’m totally gravitating toward blues this year!


Left: Lowrys Farm ¥7,020  Right: Lowrys Farm ¥9,180

In my humble opinion, the only outerwear a girl needs in the spring is a good denim jacket and a trench coat that can double as something to be worn over a suit or business clothes. Obviously, Lowrys never disappoints me. ❤ (I push it on y’all enough, lol)

denim skirt

Top (L-R): E hyphen world gallery ¥5,389  Lowrys Farm ¥4,860  nano・universe ¥8,000
Bottom (L-R): WEGO ¥2149 X-Girl ¥10,800

Am I imagining things, or is some version of these button down denim skirts literally popping up everywhere? Definitely not complaining, though! I really like the ones from nano universe and X-Girl the best, I think.

trish picks

lace wide pants look
Okay, okay…so I know I said I wasn’t too big a fan of the wide ‘gaucho’ pants thing, but I do absolutely love the way they pull them off with this pair from Misch Masch.

overall skirt lowrys

Heeeeee!! It’s an overall skirt-thing! I love you, Lowrys Farm! ❤ This will be in my closet very, very soon.

lace shorts misch masch

Again, I keep gravitating towards light blue! Aren’t these lace shorts from Misch Masch lovely?

What are some trends you’re noticing where you live? If you could pick one item to have in your closet this spring, what would it be? (I just might pick those lace pants, lol)
Share, share!

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6 thoughts on “42: Fashion: Spring 2016

  1. Rill says:

    Please, keep talking about Japanese fashion, it is so fresh ! And it also keeps me from being totally outmoded, because I am often very slow to realize fashion changes xD


    • Trish says:

      Haha, I will try to keep on top of it!! XD
      I swear I only (feel like I) know what’s going on bc I read magazines/stare out of the window at Starbucks and people watch!
      Thank you so much for reading!! ❤


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