40: Pretty Things: Deep Conditioning

hello february

Hey guys!

Happy February! ❤
This month is all about love and romance and it’s so freaking much fun to be a girl in February! I wanna kick off the month with a post about pampering our hair, because how girly is that? 😘

So basically, my hair turns to straw in the dry winter months if I don’t take matters into my own hands and condition the heck out of it. I know I don’t help the issue much by coloring and flat ironing, lol. (I get my hair straightened at the salon, but still use a flat iron to style it. Redundant? Prolly..haha)

Last week, I took y’all on a hair coloring adventure, so this week I thought I’d talk about deep conditioning. ‘Cause really they go hand in hand.

salon treatments

salon treatment 1

I think it goes without saying that the best way to make sure your hair stays conditioned in the winter is just to have the salon do a treatment for you. When you go in for a haircut, even if you didn’t specify when you made your appointment, they’ll usually offer to tack on a treatment. At my salon, it’s literally like getting your head steamed. Plus, they massage your scalp and shoulders so you walk out feeling down right luxurious. ✨

This can cost upwards of ¥3500 in addition to the haircut, so maybe around ¥7000 total for both. Not terrible, but if you want to save money there are other options.

home treatments

orgenoa treatment
Orgenoa Hair Mask- Sweet Jewel ¥900

If one could marry shampoo, I’d probably already be hitched to mine. I love it. I love the way it smells, I love the way it makes my hair feel and I love that it’s PINK. I really wish y’all could just click a link and smell it. XD I’ve already sang it’s praises over here, so I’ll spare you today. But LOVE. ❤ So as far as a treatment, obviously I love this one because it’s the same scent. My hair is on the thin side, so it gets oily pretty easy. Due to that, I usually only use this once a week, unless my hair feels like straw (’cause it does sometimes haha). All I do is use it in place of my conditioner and leave it in as long as I can, usually while I shave. It’s not very heavy, but it makes my straw hair feel pretty.

end cure milk
Ma Cherie End Cure Milk ¥640

Okay, so it’s not treatment, but I use this religiously every morning. It’s like miracle serum for split ends. It doesn’t get rid of them (dang it), but it slicks them together so that your hair looks silky and smooth. I put a small (like pea-sized) amount on after drying and straightening my hair. It’s pretty much instantly absorbed and like I said, leaves everything smooth. Also, it smells lovely.


Coconut oil ¥2,200

I FINALLY tried coconut oil as a hair mask! I mentioned over here that I was a bit of a skeptic, but I was pleasantly surprised. Following the instructions here, I slathered it on, used a shower cap, cleaned my apartment (laundry, everything) while I waited and then washed it out. HEAVEN. I’m obsessed. I can’t believe I waited as long as I did to try it out, seeing as how I use coconut oil every day in place of lotion anyway. For me right now, this is by far the thriftiest option. I don’t know if I’ll have the time to do it more than once a month, but it will be a treat when I do. I recommend. Seriously.

take care of your hair
In the winter, not only do you have the normal heat damage (blow dryer, flat iron), you also have to contend with dry air EVERYWHERE. Like, my space heater is always on and if it weren’t for my humidifier, I’m pretty sure I’d just shrivel up.

That dryness effects everything, including our hair. When the air is as dry as it is, a girl has to take a few extra steps to keep smooth and shiny, no? Besides, does it not make you feel like absolute royalty when you have shiny, healthy hair?

What are your never-fail conditioning treatments? Do you have the salon take care of you? Are you a coconut oil girl? Share, share!

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*Hello February is from weheartit


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