44: Little Loves: Valentine’s Chocolate


Hey guys!

Sorry about Monday’s post. It’s the end of the school year over here and saying goodbye/planning lessons/CRYING my eyes out, coupled with a wicked bout of allergies kinda took all I had. D:

Sooo, let’s pick up with our weekly series with today’s Little Loves and Valentine’s Day chocolate! ❤ ❤
I mean, even if you don’t have anyone to give chocolate to or receive it from- Valentine’s Day is the BEST excuse to eat chocolate, no? 😍

I’ll do a separate post all about Valentine’s Day in Japan on Sunday, so stay tuned!
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41: Little Loves: Stationery

little loves office supplies

Hey guys!

Okay, so I have a problem.
I am straight up addicted to office supplies. Like, even typing the title up there made me giddy! XD

While I am super bummed that I don’t live near an Office Max (HEAVEN), I am super pumped that I live in Japan and trust me when I say that they do office supplies RIGHT! I mean, it is the Land of All Things Cute, right? That totally applies to stationery and office supplies as well!
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40: Pretty Things: Deep Conditioning

hello february

Hey guys!

Happy February! ❤
This month is all about love and romance and it’s so freaking much fun to be a girl in February! I wanna kick off the month with a post about pampering our hair, because how girly is that? 😘

So basically, my hair turns to straw in the dry winter months if I don’t take matters into my own hands and condition the heck out of it. I know I don’t help the issue much by coloring and flat ironing, lol. (I get my hair straightened at the salon, but still use a flat iron to style it. Redundant? Prolly..haha)

Last week, I took y’all on a hair coloring adventure, so this week I thought I’d talk about deep conditioning. ‘Cause really they go hand in hand.
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