38: Fashion: Honeys

fashion honeys

Hey guys!

Last Friday, I introduced you to the lovely brand Misch Masch. In that post, I mentioned that if you were really wanting something from that store, but didn’t want to fork over the cash to buy it, you could most likely find a store with a dupe (or something close enough). That’s the store we’re going to look at today! ✨

Let’s take a look at the budget-friendly Honeys.


honeys logo

What’s Honeys?

According to the company’s mission statement (paraphrased):

Honeys will spare no effort to win a customer. We will always be evolving and changing in order to attract new customers. Honeys will always keep quality, and reasonable prices in mind. In order to keep customer satisfaction at a high level, we will spare no effort to win and keep the trust of our customers.

So basically, the style changes from season to season and it won’t break the bank.

In my opinion, the store is like a mix of a couple of brands I really like- Earth, Music & Ecology and Misch Masch. Some of what they carry is targeted to younger women (mid to late teens↓↓), and the big selling point is definitely the price.

honeys young.jpg

But seriously, you’ll probably find something you like anyway.

The bigger stores also have a good selection of bags, hats and shoes. I’m not kidding when I say that if you shop smart, you can walk out with an entire outfit for around ¥7,000 ($70 US).

That’s a winning situation in my book.

Side Note
In the summer, it gets really hot and humid where I live in Nagoya. This means I don’t want to spend a whole lot on work clothes, because as gross as it sounds- they will get washed to death. So, I pick up a lot of work tops from Honey’s because: 1) they’re about ¥2000 a piece 2) I can buy more to rotate so they won’t wear as fast.


Also in the summer, Honeys is a great place to buy a yukata set. If you wait until the end of the summer season, they will most likely be on sale and you can buy a set (obi, yukata and geta) for about ¥4,500. (SUPER CHEAP)

If you can’t wait, it’ll cost you about ¥7,000, which still isn’t that bad.

Not bad, eh? ❤


Left: Floral Dress ¥3,980 Top Right: Tie-Waist Dress ¥3,480 Bottom: Lace Dress ¥3,980


– Sizes are all over the place. Before you buy something because it looks like it’ll fit, try it on!

– Honeys stores are in almost every single Aeon Mall in the country, so that’s super convenient!

– Don’t be afraid to dig! The store gets a little jumbled during the day and the staff are sometimes not very bothered by it. You might miss something awesome!

What do you think? Did you check out the website? Find something you liked? Share share!

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