36: Pretty Things: Adventures in Hair Color

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Hey guys!

So basically I decided a long time ago that instead of paying a zillion dollars at the salon to have my hair colored, I would just buy a box and do it myself. Smart? Probably not (LOL), but it saves me quite a bit of money.

Don’t worry, I still go for regular trims and to have my hair straightened (soooo recommend if you’re a flat iron girl! Saves time AND hair damage!!), and that hits right at ¥15,000 ($160.00 US) every 4 or five months. Sooo, as far as color goes, I take it upon myself!

The thing with that is, it’s like playing hair dye roulette every time you have to dye your hair.  XD

hair color logo

hd in jp2
It should come as no surprise that most (like 98%) of the hair color is specifically made for black or really dark hair. ‘Kay, so I don’t have black or really dark hair, that’s why I say it’s like roulette. No surprise that it turns a completely different color than what’s on the box, (usually more reddish-orange) lol.

BUT! I’ve gotten pretty good at estimating about what color it will turn! Well, that and I found a color I like, so I usually stick to that one. If I can’t get the exact color I want (seasonal colors are a thing here), I hover around the same spot on the color chart.

As I am a creature of habit, I also stick to the same brand- Lise Prettia 泡カラー (foam color). It’s maybe ¥700 ($8.00 US) at the drug store and if I stay away from the darker colors, lasts about 2 months.

advhair color chart2

The yellow arrow is the color I usually get, but this time they didn’t have it. (sadface) The next up from it is too dark, so I went with the ベージュ系 (beige) color closest to it (marked 本品) on the chart. I knew it would be lighter, but that was better than darker (the dark ones turn a weird dark red color and fade quickly…so time waste, no?)

This is the box I got this time:
IMG_4735The color is ‘milky beige,’ but if you look on the top right hand corner of the box, you’ll see it says, “黒髪用.” That means the color is for black hair, so it will most likely be lighter than the color of the model’s hair (which is totally photoshopped, lol).



The box recommends to spot test, but I’ve used this same brand since I’ve been in Japan, so I kinda skip that step. Anyway, mix the little bottle marked ‘1’ into the bigger bottle marked ‘2’ and put the lid back on bottle 2. Gently turn back and forth to mix the color, but don’t shake it.

Up to this point, it went like it always does. The thing that stopped me in my tracks this time was the COLOR the stuff turned when it settled:

IMG_4739Um, that looks like orange juice. Okay, I was a little apprehensive about putting this stuff on my hair, but my roots were getting bad and I’d already bought it…so I just kinda went for it.  I think I told myself somewhere in the back of my mind that if I screwed it up too bad, I would just bite the bullet and go to the salon to fix it. (that’s SO BAD for your hair, please don’t think like that lol)

So, on went the gloves and to coloring I went:IMG_4747I always start at the roots and gradually build it out to the ends of the hair. I will go on record as saying that I have no idea if this is the right way to do it, but it works and the instructions say something along those lines.
After the color has been applied, I wipe off the dye that got on my skin with a makeup remover wipe. Seriously, those work like a charm to get the color off of skin!

At this point, I felt a little better about the color because it didn’t LOOK like orange juice once it was applied. I mean, it looked a little yellow, but normal. ✨


IMG_4766Please pay no attention to the fact that I have no makeup on, lol.

It doesn’t look like orange juice! It’s a yellow-blonde color that’s just a tad too bright, but overall I’m satisfied! I mean, it could have turned the color that was in the bottle. 😑
(ps- if any of my sorority sisters see this pic- yes, that is my ancient Sororities in the City shirt 😛 ❤ )


– Because my hair is lighter than the average Japanese person, I don’t have to use as much color as the box suggests. My advice is to go with your gut, I suppose. Like, if you absoutely think that no more color will go on, then don’t use anymore.

– I  always leave the dye on for 25 minutes, give or take.

– If you’re scared of the color it might turn, please don’t be like me. Please actually do a color test before you slather it all over your head. 😂

– Don’t forget to use the conditioner/treatment that came in the box! It just might be the best part of using Japanese hair dye, seriously. Your hair will feel soft and silky for like a week. No joke.

Think you would try to color your own hair? Do you already? Would you try Japanese hair dye? Tell me what you think! Share, share!

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