34: Fashion: Misch Masch

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Hey guys!

I hope y’all had an amazing week! TGIF for sure! ✨✨

It seems, for me anyway, that I dress even girlier in the winter months. (if that’s even possible LOL)
Like, skirts and dresses with pretty sweaters and of course 160 denier tights are my go-to cold weather choices.

Today, for the weekly Fashion Friday post, I want to introduce you to a brand that just gets it. I’m talking about Misch Masch, of course!

mm logoWhat’s Misch Masch?

Pronounced Mishu-Mashu (ミッシュマッシュ), is a ladies clothing brand aimed at women in their 20s. I couldn’t find much about the brand’s history, but they are owned by Tamaya and have several sister brands.


Loosely translated from here, the brand’s concept is:

【Beauty power up 120%, fall in love style】
Cute, elegant casual style for adults.
Today when you’re thinking about making a change to enjoy your lifestyle,  spend quality time with MISCH MASCH. Just wearing (the clothes) will up your beauty power!
Now is the time to feel the softness of feminine style.*
— In other words- feminine and elegant.

They have a marketing contract with the magazine CanCam and the main model for the brand is CanCam model Mizuki Yamamoto.


Autumn/Winter 2015

As you can see, they went for a more ‘elegant’ feel this winter as opposed to a ‘cute’ look. They haven’t published anything for Spring/Summer yet, but I am definitely looking forward to it! Like I said, they just get being girly, but not too cutesy. 😍

trish picks

trish pick 1Shaggy-check mini skirt  5,972(SALE!)

trish pick 2
Comfort Pumps 8,532円

trish pick 3
Flower A-Line Dress 8,165円 (SALE!)

trish pick 4
Embellished Bottle Neck Ribbed Sweater 4,234円 (SALE!)


– Unfortunately, this is a brand made for smaller people. I tend to steer clear of anything fitted at the bust (LOL) or waist if it has no room for stretch. Sometimes, even if the item ‘fits’ you, it’s too short in either the arms or legs. (I’m 164 cm, or about 5’5 and I guess I have long arms? 😆)

– A good rule of thumb is, if Misch Masch has it in their store, there is a more cost-effective dupe at a different store. I promise, if you like something in this store, but don’t want to for over the cash for it, you can find almost the same thing at a different store for a fraction of the cost. (I’m posting on that store next Friday, so stay tuned! ✨)

What do you think? Did you check out the look book? What are some of your faves?
Share, share!

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*Translating from Japanese to English is tricky. They are really big on poetic nuance and it is really difficult to carry that across to English without sounding ridiculous. I don’t want to give you all a Japanese lesson, but honestly some things just don’t translate at all. (or we just don’t use a phrase like it in English) Maybe I’m forgetting English, idk. 😆

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