32: Pretty Things: Night Time Routine

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Hey guys!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have a really hard time falling asleep at night. It’s almost like my brain just won’t shut down and wants to have heart-to-heart discussions on every single aspect of life RIGHT NOW. It really sucks when you have to wake up early for work or classes. (or both if you’re a teacher 😛 )

Last week, I wrote about my morning routine so this week I wanted to share some of the things I do at night to get in sleepyhead-mode!


No coffee past 4pm

I guess this might be a little extreme, but I really try to not drink coffee or have caffine past 4 pm. I worked at a Barnes & Noble Cafe (Starbucks) all through college and a little after, and from working there I developed a serious coffee addiction! (totally my own fault)
Like, I drink a lot of coffee. Anyway, for me personally, I have to stop myself from drinking coffee later in the day or I will for sure have trouble falling asleep.

coffee mug

Take a warm bath

I’ve already sang my praises for the bathtubs in Japanese housing over here, so I’ll spare you today. 😉

However, it’s a habit of mine in the winter to take a warm bath at night as part of my get-ready-for-bed routine. Yesterday, we talked about the (lack of) central heat in my apartment. It’s freaking cold. This makes having a warm bath at night all the more precious to me! I’ll pop a バブ (Babu) in the water and fill ‘er up. Insta-Spa!
While I’m waiting for the tub to fill up, I usually get my hot water bottle ready and stick it in my bed sheets to make them nice and toasty.
The warm water helps to relax my body and clear my mind. I try to concentrate on breathing in the warm air and emptying out my brain. I guess you could say its my ME time.


Skin Care

Winter in general dries my skin and hair out horribly. Winter in Japan (space heaters EVERYWHERE) is absolutely brutal! So that my skin and hair don’t take such a beating, I am practically religious about moisturizing- so after bathing,  it’s skin care time!

I try to use a face mask at least 3 times a week. The ones I use are for daily use, but three times a week is enough for me. Those take about 15 minutes, so to multitask and save time, I’ll slather on coconut oil while I’m waiting on the mask and my skin is still pretty warm from the bath. It pretty much feels like what I would imagine heaven feels like, lol.

Related, but kind of on a side note- on weekends, I like to try out different hair masks for deep conditioning. My hair is thin and gets oily really easily, so just once a week or even twice a month is enough.


No phone in bed!

After bathing and moisturizing, it’s time to crawl into my warm bed (thanks, hot water bottle ❤). It’s pretty much my personal rule that as soon as the lights go out, the phone goes on silent- across the room. If I don’t literally have it out of my reach, I’ll never sleep! I guess you could say that I have no self-control, lol. My mind is already always going about a million miles an hour, so if I look at my phone while trying to fall asleep, my brain will start to think and plot and seriously heart-to-heart and that’s just not going to work. (HAH)

I’m pretty much in love with my wallpaper!

Also, I’m a compulsive message checker. Like, seriously. Always checking to see if he wrote back. (that he isn’t a set he…but still, it’s usually a he ✌) So if I don’t get my phone out of reach, after setting the alarm (ofc), I’ll check it like a million times and not sleep.

White Noise

After setting my alarm, I always turn on a white noise generator. My bedroom window is facing the hallway of my apartment complex and people come and go at all hours of the night. Usually, noise like that will wake me up pretty easily. Oh, and my upstairs neighbor likes to freaking vacuum at 11 pm on weeknights (like EVERY night). So to block all of that noise out, I need something loud enough to cover the outside noises but not so distracting that I won’t sleep. I like to use the iPhone app Simply Noise on the ‘brown noise’ setting and it usually knocks me out.


You guys probably know by now that I’m big on routines, lol.


I wanna hear about you! How do you guys relax before bed? Can you fall asleep straight away? Let’s talk about it!! Share, share!

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