29: Little Loves: Costume Jewelry

little loves 2

Hey guys!

I have a confession to make. It’s a secret I’ve guarded close to my heart, but I’m ready to fess up. Ready?

costume jewelry

Whew, okay. Now that that’s out, I need to share another cool thing about living in Japan. You can get decent quality costume jewelry for pretty freaking cheap. How cheap? I’m talking ¥300 cheap ($3.00 US)!

With this week’s Little Loves series , I bring you 5 pieces I wear on a regular basis. Best thing? Each one of them was purchased for ¥300! (Y’all, I love saving money. Like serious business 😀)

pearl globes
Go-to pearl globes. They literally match everything.

dangly pearls
Dangle-y faux pearl necklace. (plus cable knit sweater = adorbs)

pearl necklace.jpg
Large faux pearl necklace. It makes me feel like Wilma Flintstone, lol.

flowery earrings
Flowery earrings. They’re big, clunky and perfect!

pearl flower earrings
Okay, you get that I have a thing for faux pearls, right? 😆


The thing about costume jewelry is (obvs) that it’s not real. This means there will be a little maintenance involved if you want to wear the piece more than once! That’s okay though, because again- ¥300.

I use this acrylic spray to keep both me and the jewelry from turning green. You can also use clear nail polish if it’s something like a tiny post earring, or just small metal detailing. Simple. It works, but be careful about using too much because it will LOOK coated in clear paint. (LOL)

Where to buy

I almost always buy things at Lattice. If you live in Nagoya, there is one in Meitetsu Station’s underground and one in Sakae right off of Crystal Square (again in the underground). The company that owns this store has a collection of ¥300 shops and they all sell some pretty cute stuff!

Like these cozy, fluffy cat socks and these ribbon clips. 🎀✨

Do you wear costume jewelry? Have you tried acrylic spray or clear nail polish? Tell me what you thought! Share, share!

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3 thoughts on “29: Little Loves: Costume Jewelry

  1. beautyatbrunch says:

    There’s nothing wrong with buying a bit of cheap costume jewellery. If you like it then it shouldn’t matter if it cost £3 or £3000.


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