26: Fashion: GU

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Hey guys!

I want to say thank you so much for all of the positive feedback/likes/follows and even page views! I’m actually pretty humbled that people actually take the time to visit here, and blown away that people might actually read! Seriously, thank you so much! 💖💖

We haven’t talked much about fashion since before the holidays, so let’s pick up where we left off! This week, I want to take a closer look at a super budget-friendly Japanese fashion brand: GU.


Brand History

GU is a clothing retail chain owned by the company Fast Retailing. This company is famous for GU’s sister store, Uniqlo. The first store was opened in 2006 and according to wikipedia, there were quite a few changes made to the original concept of the store- mergers/acquisitions- before the brand became what we know it as today. Then in 2013, the logo was changed from g.u. to GU.

The brand tries to target literally everyone, from kids to men and women of all ages.


The name of the store itself, GU (ジーユー) is a play on the Japanese word for freedom, 自由 (じゆう, jiyuu). The concept is 「ファッションを、もっと自由に」 or more freedom with fashion. The idea is to offer fashionable clothing without the shackle of high cost.

They are definitely a casual clothing brand. Also, they are pretty serious about the reasonable pricing.

At the moment

Both the boots and sweater are ¥990

mom jeans
They’re literally calling these ‘mom jeans.’ I’m not sure how I feel about them. I’m pretty sure I had a pair in elementary school. (HA)

I really dig pastels, so of course that’s what I looked for.


– Sizing for tops runs big, for jeans it runs normal, and for shoes it is normal.

– While there aren’t as many GU stores as Uniqlo stores, they’re still rather abundant.

– Don’t expect super high-quality. It’s not going to fall apart in one day, but it’s not gonna last a lifetime, either.

– During sales, you can find items priced anywhere from ¥500 to ¥2500. Think Old Navy sales here. Super discounted!

There ya go!
Personally, I usually only buy one or two things at GU per season. In the winter, it’s usually cardigans or sweaters and in the summer, a sundress or hat. I find that their basics (plain shirts, cardigans, etc) mix very well into tons of different styles. ✨

Have a wonderful day!

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