25: Little Loves: Coat Crushes

little loves

Hey guys!

This winter, I’ve found myself obsessing over outerwear like crazy.

I grew up in Texas, so I didn’t find myself with much time for coats back home. Maybe that’s why I have so many coat crushes now! Seriously, I’m in love with so many! 💕

Obviously that means I have to share. It’s not fair to keep them to myself.

need these now2

pastel coat misch masch
Misch Masch ¥30,240

chester coat lowrys
LOWRY’S FARM ¥ 10,800

earth, music&ecology ¥2,695 (right now it’s 50% off!)

green fur coat
LOWRY’S FARM ¥ 12,960

GU coat
GU ¥1,990

I debated putting denim jackets on this list, but I’ll wait until spring. (HA)

Basically everywhere is having year end/beginning sales, so now is the time to buy coats (some up to 70% off, serious).

What do you think? Is there anything you’re obsessing over right now?
Share, share!

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5 thoughts on “25: Little Loves: Coat Crushes

  1. royalmilkTINA says:

    Coats! I mentioned on Twitter before, but I love the style of number 4! I recently bought one myself from Forever21 but that Lowry’s Farm one would totally have been mine if I could afford it!

    I like the number 1 and 2 but I run into the problem where my everyday wardrobe doesn’t mix well with either of those. Oh well! But that’s why I like number 4, cause I think it could match easily for me.

    Thanks for the list! Very much approve of all the coats overall!


    • Trish says:

      Thank you so much for reading!! ♡♡
      Isn’t #4 awesome? It matches most of the stuff I wear daily, but I found myself needing (wanting lol) dressier options, too. Sometimes, I need to feel fancy, ya know? 👑
      More lists every week! I do so love making lists~♪


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