23: Resolutions

leap year

Hey guys!
Before I started this blog and was planning out how I wanted to post, I had intended for Sunday to be reserved for places/culture/food- things like that. With the holidays and all, things got a little jumbled. Everything will totally be back on track tomorrow, though!

I mean, the beginning of the year is only here for a short time right?

That being said, now that we’ve settled a little into 2016, I want to talk resolutions!


I literally have only one resolution this year and that is to be kind. Seriously, it is so simple, but so stinking hard!

Of course I mean be kind to others, as decent humans it’s what we should be doing anyway. I also mean that I want to focus on being kind to myself.

That doesn’t mean to throw everyone else in front of a bus! Let me explain.

Health first

First and foremost, health is number one. This means feeding myself nutritious foods and not just junk (or beer). This means making sure both my body and mind are rested by getting enough sleep. This means getting enough exercise, enough sun and enough outside time.

Heart protection

Toxic relationships have to go. No matter how good you think this friend or boyfriend or whatever is to you or for you, if they have any negative effect on your life at all, it’s not as good as you think it is. We are the only ones who can look out for our hearts and guard them. It’s just way past time I learned how.

Learning to say ‘no’

I have a horrible sense of guilt when I tell someone ‘no’ if they ask for a favor. Even if I know I’ll end up very put out in the end, I still cave in and do it for them. Unfortunately, this carries over from work to private life and back again. So obviously it causes more stress in the long run and 2016 is not about stress! You cannot help everyone. Sometimes you have to put yourself before others and just say ‘no.’

See? No bus pushing!

I figure that if I can do those things, it’s being kind to myself. The goal is to keep asking , “is this okay for me, is this being kind” when making decisions. If the answer is no, then I’m not going to do it.

be kind to yourselfSo there it is, my one and only resolution for 2016. It sounds so simple, heck it IS so simple. It’s also really freaking hard.

We should all make this the year to be kind to ourselves. Seriously. I want all of us to have the most kick-ass year yet, so let’s make it our mantra, yea?

We’ve totally got this.

Did you make a resolution this year? Share, share!

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