21: Little Loves: 5 Things Learned from 2015

Hey guys!
I seriously can’t believe that 2015 is almost behind us! It feels like this year simultaneously kept dragging on and on, while at the same time throwing things at me so quickly I could hardly keep  up.

Anyone else feel like that?

I try to keep this blog less about me and more about life in Japan, but the end of the year is a special occasion, no?

5 Lessons Learned from 2015 (in no particular order)

1. You cannot move someone’s heart if they don’t want you to.
Seriously, it is impossible. If they don’t want to let you in, they won’t. Don’t waste both of your time, because if you realize this early on it will save both of you heartache. It doesn’t matter how much you care for them. It just doesn’t. Don’t be stubborn, I promise the earlier you realize this, the less it will hurt in the end.


2. Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely.
As someone who always got lonely pretty easily, I always thought that I needed to have someone around to not feel that way.  After taking a few steps back from everything that went down this year, I realized that wasn’t the case at all. Actually, I need to have some me time. I need to recharge sometimes, ya know? I’ve learned that I can be completely alone and not be lonely at all. I’ve learned to enjoy my own company, as well as the company of others. If you can do this, especially living abroad, you’ll be much less lonely!


3. Love yourself
What I mean is that life gets hectic. We do things for others- job, friends,  family- but no matter how chaotic things may get, you have to remember to take time for yourself. Maybe your escape is dimming the lights, firing up candles and slipping into a hot bubble bath. Maybe your happy place is getting your nails or hair done. Maybe you find peace reading a book while sipping on coffee in a cozy cafe. We’re all different, but find something that makes you happy and remember to do it for yourself. I get ‘Trish Time’ in on a weekly basis and have absolutely no plans of stopping in 2016. Besides, happy girls are pretty girls! ❤


4. Change is okay.
Hi, my name is Trish and I’m exceedingly type-A and have control issues a-la Blair Waldorf. That being said, I’ve really been trying to not be such a control freak and learning to accept that some things are seriously beyond our control. It was terrifying at first, but as the months wore on I realized that I wasn’t as stressed and that sometimes change is a GOOD thing! I’m still working on it, but I’ve come a long way!


5. Think happy and you’ll be happy.
It sounds a little silly and sometimes, frankly impossible; but the mind is a powerful tool! This year has tried my heart and my head more than once, on so many different levels. I’ve really made it a point to think about the good things that happened as well. I personally think it’s helped me to focus on the positive, as well as acknowledging things had happened that I could learn from. There is something in each day to be thankful for, I promise. Let’s ring in 2016 with positive vibes!

think happy be happy

How was your 2015?
What did you learn this year?
Share, share!

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