20: Pretty Things: Perfect Party Lip

red lips3
Hey guys!

When I say ‘perfect party lip,’ of course I’m talking about using a beautiful red to make your pout pop!

Holiday parties are the best time to have fun with makeup, so why not go for classy old Hollywood glam! There is something just dead freaking sexy about pulling off a red lip, don’t you think?

So hot, but tricky!

Everyone looks good in a red lip. I mean it, everyone.
The tricky part is finding a red that suits your skin tone. That little part is beyond important and beyond tricky.

Like, I would find a color I liked, (one that my porcelain-skin blonde hair/blue eyed friend swore by) only to be super disappointed when it changed orange after I put it on. Even worse was when the color would change to a hot magenta-ish pink-ish color. Seriously, until after college when I could afford to play at the MAC counter, I would have sworn that I could never pull off a red lip because it always changed colors!

mac redMAC Red $17.00 (¥3,132)

I learned that even though I am literally white as a sheet, I have olive undertones in my skin. This was what was ‘turning’ the shade of the lipstick. I don’t know enough about other skin tones to even give advice, but I do know that peaches ‘n’ cream gals can get away with a true red color and darker skin tones can pull off more of a pinkish red.

The guy I spoke with suggested that I try a bluish-red instead of a true red. I bought MAC Red that day and have never looked back.

ruby wooMAC Ruby Woo is nice, too.


How to apply

  • Moisturize your lips! Nothing sucks more than applying a perfect coat of your favorite red lipstick only to have dry lips ruin the whole look.


  • Line your lips! Red runs. Just keep that in mind and say it again, red runs! You need to line your lips to ensure that the color stays put. This also helps to even out your lip shape and increase wear time. Start at the bow of your lips and draw a line down to one corner. Repeat, then from the corner, line your lower lip. Filling in  the liner will make sure the color stays longer. You can use a clear liner, like Sephora’s Universal Lip Liner or a red.
cherry lip pencil
I prefer MAC’s Cherry Lip Liner.
  • Fill in your lips! Apply one coat, then blot with a napkin before applying another coat.

red lips isolated in white

Best find in Japan

spicy red
LA Diamond Lip Gloss in Spicy Red. I bought it at Donki for literally like ¥800. It is crazy pigmented and glides on smooth. I mean it is literally pigmented like a lipstick, only glossy. I wouldn’t trade my MAC for the world, but this will for sure do in a pinch! You could buy almost 4 of these for what you pay for MAC in Japan. 4 of them.  (lip lining principle still applies to gloss, lol)

image1See? For a gloss, it is super pigmented!

What’s your favorite shade of red? Have you found an amazing color that works with your skin tone? Most importantly, will you do a red lip for New Years? Share, share!

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