19: Places: The HUB

HUB logo

Hey guys!

In the last post, I said that my friends and I were more of the ‘go to the bar’ type. That may be because we all usually go to the same bar every week. (HA)

I consider us super lucky, because it’s like we’ve found our own little hole in the wall and it totally feels like home. Ya know, a place you can relax and let your hair down. Seriously, I have so much love for this place.

HUB 名駅店 (Nagoya Station)

hub patio

There are now four different HUB locations in Nagoya, but I’ll always prefer this one. It’s literally right behind Nagoya Station and within walking distance from my house. I mean, it’s kind of a far walk, but it’s still walking distance. Ya know, just in case the trains are finished for the day and I don’t really wanna pay for a cab.

The atmosphere is supposed to be a British pub-style bar, but seeing as how I’ve never been to England, I can’t say for sure. (LOL) I can say that it feels like a sports bar from back in Texas, minus pool tables and dart boards.

hub bar

The drink menu is alright. I pretty much only drink beer (classy, right?) or gin and tonic, so I don’t really base my opinions off of the drink menu. They also do seasonal drinks like everywhere else in Japan, in addition to set menu items.

They serve food, as well. Again, I usually just go to drink and talk, so I’m not too bent out of shape if they don’t have a 4-star menu. I will say that the fish and chips, chicken and chips or shrimp bucket is pretty good. 🙂

Other HUB locations in Nagoya:
HUB 名駅四丁目店 (Nagoya Station, 4th block) – really new
HUB 栄店 (Sakae) – really loud, really busy, lots of other foreigners
HUB 伏見店 (Fushimi) – smallest, quietest


When you live abroad, your friends become like your family. Maybe one of the reasons I like HUB so much is because I’ve met some wonderful people and have pretty dang awesome memories there.


  • Happy hour is from 5-7 and set cocktails are 50% off.
  • There aren’t really a lot of other foreigners at HUB 名駅店.
  • That being said, don’t be afraid to talk to people. 🙂
  • It gets REALLY crowded on the weekend during the evening. Expect to stand.
  • The patio is a nice place to escape from cigarette smoke. HUB 名駅店 is the only one with a patio.

If you’re ever in Nagoya, let’s go!

Do you have a place like this where you’re living? Share, share!!

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