15: Places: はなび (Hanabi)


Hey guys!

I generally try to eat pretty healthy like 80% of the time- lots of veggies, chicken, no rice or bread- pretty healthy. But sometimes a girl’s gotta live, ya know? Sooooooo-

Today’s place is a restaurant! Not just any restaurant, but a restaurant that serves one of Nagoya’s specialty foods, 台湾混ぜそば (taiwan maze soba, or Taiwan-style mixed soba). Today’s place is crazy famous around these parts, so of course I wanted to share it with you all.

This fabulous restaurant is: はなび (hanabi, or fireworks).

台湾混ぜそば (taiwan maze soba)

First, let’s talk about what Taiwan maze soba actually is. It actually only really gets the ‘Taiwan’ part from the spices used. (HA)


Taiwan maze soba is: minced beef spiced with garlic, chili pepper, garlic and soy sauce over garlic chives, onion, fish meal (kinda like dashi stock), a bit of sea weed, and if you like you can add more minced garlic (totally recommend, but you’re gonna smell like you rolled in garlic, lol). All of this is over noodles. There’s not really a sauce that goes in this dish, but the juice from the minced beef is more than enough to ‘wet’ the noodles.

How to eat (part 1): mix like crazy (混ぜて, mazete ((where the ‘maze‘ comes from))) and dig in!

はなび (hanabi)

hanabi lineYup, there is always a line.

According to Wikipedia, the store opened in October of 2008, but the official website says August. Anyway, this is where Taiwan maze soba all began! Right here in Nagoya, at the Takabata shop.

The popularity has grown enough that Taiwan maze soba is now considered one of Nagoya’s specialty foods. Hanabi now has eight shops, including one in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

As you can see in that picture, people are waiting in line to go inside. It is literally always that crowded. I don’t think I’ve been to a Hanabi and not had to wait at least 20 minutes.


I literally have no regrets about waiting. It is always freaking delish. Serious business here.

How to eat (part 2): After you eat all of your noodles, you’ll notice there is still a little meat and yummies left. If you say, “追い飯お願いします(おいめしおねがいします, oimeshi onegaishimasu)” the staff will take your bowl and add a little bit of white rice. You can mix this with what’s left and finish everything off with an almost licked-clean plate! (If you even have room for rice, because trust me- you will feel like popping)

Parting Advice

  • Be prepared to wait a while before going inside. Don’t worry, people are usually in and out pretty quickly.
  • If you are someone who isn’t really good with spicy food, I don’t know if you’ll enjoy it as much. It is pretty spicy, plus onions and garlic.
  • BRING GUM or mints for after if you have other plans!!!

Like I said, I usually try to eat pretty clean. The thing is, if I’m gonna blow that, I’m gonna balls-to-the-wall blow the clean eating thing out the window! That being said, I can’t recommend this restaurant enough!






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