12: Pretty Things:バブ (Babu)


Hey guys!
We have one more week until winter vacation starts and I am totally beat. I have a pretty solid sleep schedule, because sleep is probably more important than any other beauty/health/good skin/good mood tip or trick ever, so it’s not from lack of rest. There is so much going on at the end of a school term that it’s just sort of gogogo until the last day, ya know?

Relaxation kind of takes a back seat because there is just so freaking much to do (it doesn’t help that I’m an overachiever and super anal-retentive about work LOL). Here’s the thing though: relaxation should NEVER take a back seat!

That brings me to today’s topic: BATHS!

Or more specifically, stuff that goes in your bath.

バブTiny  packets of heaven.

Say hello to バブ (Babu)!

バブ (Babu)?

Yup! These little tablets of awesome go into your steaming bath water and turn it into a spa (or a flower garden, or a forest, or a masseuse, or a cooling minty spring). In other words, instant relaxation. Oh, they also change the color of the water. 🙂

Think LUSH bath bombs, but not as elaborate.

Apparently there are over 70 different ‘flavors’ of Babu, though! That’s pretty dang impressive. I want to tell you a little about the different types, but just the ones that I’ve tried. Ya know, honest opinions and all.


Night Aroma (aromatherapy type)


This box has four different ‘flavors’ with three tablets each for a total of 12. The different tablets are: Rose Harmony, Sweet Chamomile, Fairy Lavender, and Romantic Jasmine.
Thoughts: I really liked the herbal-like feel of this box! It made my bathroom smell like a spa.
Faves: Rose Harmony & Romantic Jasmine

Aromatic Rose (aromatherapy type)


This box has four different ‘flavors’ with three tablets each for a total of 12. The different tablets are: Pure Rose, Fancy Rose, Fresh Rose, and Sweet Rose.
Thoughts: This is one of my favorite boxes to use in the Spring. The rose smells are lovely!
Faves: I loved them all! I guess Fresh Rose was my favorite. It smells like roses from a garden.

Oriental Spa (cooling type)


Again, this box has four different ‘flavors’ with three tablets each for a total of 12. The different tablets are: Plumeria, Mangosteen, Blue Water Lily, and Pink Orchid.
Thoughts: I was curious about the ‘cooling’ nature of these, especially since it would be in a warm bath. It was actually really pleasant!
Faves: Plumeria and Pink Orchid

Milky White Rose (milk type)


This box contains 20 of the same type: Milky White Rose. This particular type is marketed as ‘skin smoothing’ and it leaves your skin really soft! I really liked the rose variety box, so I thought I’d give this one a go too. I definitely wasn’t disappointed, but it kinda got old to have the same (really good) smell for 20 straight baths. (hah)

Japanese and Bath Time

Before I wrap this post up, I want to quickly say that Japanese people are very serious about bath time. I’ll do a post later on as to why, but let’s just say- they’re very serious.

As we all should be! Baths are an amazing way to wind down after a long day. So go ahead and soak away! Pop a バブ (Babu) in the water, relax, clear your mind, and spend some time with yourself.



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