10: Fashion: LOWRYS FARM


Hey guys!

I mentioned a few posts back that I wanted to write a little about a few Japanese fashion brands that I really like. I’m thinking that it’d be nice to do a series and highlight a new brand every week or so! (It’s like a list spread out over a long time, and that makes me all kinds of giddy, you have no idea!)

Let’s kick it off with my favorite brand, LOWRYS FARM.


Brand History (mostly translated from Wikipedia)

LOWRYS FARM is a clothing brand targeting women between 20 and 30. When the brand began in 1992, it was mainly a ‘select’ shop, meaning they didn’t have their own actual merchandise. They worked with different brands to build an image and from there, they launched their own products. Now, they not only offer their own clothing line, but they now offer the shopper a complete look- shoes, clothes, bags, & accessories.


The concept of the brand is casual and relaxed. They offer some pretty girly looks as well as more laid-back styles. This season, it looks like they are taking tips from the early-90s (some of it I love, some of it I think I WORE in like 5th grade..lol). I opt for girly. And skirts. Always skirts.

bb71d973d4a2868457e0ac109fcf3ca7_f6279I have the blue stripe one and the camo one. (and no shame, lol)

One of my favorite things about this store (other than the clothes, obvs) is the shopping bag they put your purchases in.


They don’t usually bag your goods in plastic bags, but they use these cute cloth ones. I reuse mine like crazy and it doubles as a tote most of the time.

Sharing is caring!

A big reason I wanted to start a series like this is to share different brands that I know might fit taller, non-bird-boned people.

When I first moved to Japan, I had no idea what would fit and what wouldn’t and it was frustrating (and embarrassing) to get into a dressing room only to exit same dressing room .3 seconds later when I realized that the item I wanted to try on was made for a much smaller person. Honestly, I’ve lost about 25 kg (55 lbs.) since that time, so that helped, but some brands are still just too small. Some brands just don’t hang right (I have never considered my bust large, but over here I feel like I have huge boobs) and some brands just aren’t long enough in either the arms or the legs, or both. Keep in mind though, that while most things in LOWRYS fit, there are still a lot of things that don’t. Remember, the average shopper is still a tiny Japanese girl.

If anything I know about clothes, beauty products or life in Japan can help a new expat, I so want to share everything I’ve learned.



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