8: Pretty Things: face masks


Hey guys!  That is totally my motto going forward!

So, it’s December, but it’s actually still really warm this year. That doesn’t mean the air isn’t dry and literally sucking all of the moisture out of your skin, though! (nooooooooo)

Let’s talk skin care. (yay!)
Let’s talk face masks. (yay yay!!)

Face Masks

More specifically, today we’re going to talk about the sheet-type of face mask. Even more specifically, we’re going to talk about the LuLuLun brand’s sheet mask.


These are pretty big over here. They’re pretty cheap, sold at most drugstores and keep winning awards in magazines. I hate to say that I buy what the magazines say, but sometimes I buy what the magazines say. (LOL)


I need to come out and say that I am terrified about using face serums/masks/whatevs until I’ve read solid reviews (in English) about the product. Why? Because I have super not fun sensitive skin and I’m really weary of the ‘whitening/brightening’ agent found in a lot of Japanese skin care products. They kind of burn my skin, plus I’m already pretty dang white and do not need help getting whiter.

I am, however, all about skin care and loving the skin you’re in.

Thus, a few years back I finally broke down and decided to try this guy:


LuLuLun Facial Mask – Moisture type

This is the LuLuLun brand’s ‘moisture’ type mask. It is pretty much marketed as the ‘basic’ model, gentle enough to use daily.

I loved it.

No, really. The packaging was a little bit of a bugger, because all of the masks are just kind of layered on top of each other inside the ziplock pouch and they stick together. Also, they don’t quite fit me right, lol. That’s okay though, because they make my face feel amaaaazing!

Leave it on for about 15 minutes, remove mask, rub in the remainder of the serum left on your face, feel like a rock star. BAM! So easy!


(l/r- moisture, extra-moisture, brightening)

I loved them so much, I branched out and tried the extra-moisture AND the brightening (it didn’t say  ‘whitening‘ per say and I thought it might help with under-eye circles). To be honest, and I’m totally not an expert so maybe I have no business saying in the first place, but they all kinda felt the same. Is it just me?

I may rotate every now and then, I mean extra moisture can’t hurt in the winter, right?  For the most part, I’m gonna just stick with the regular moisture-type, though.

No regrets!

Japanese buildings aren’t insulated very well, so you will find that you use your heater more during the winter than you might back home. This makes EVERYTHING dry- hair, skin, eyes…just ugh. I’ve learned some tricks over the years, thought!

Trish’s tips for glowy-winter skin:

  • Stay hydrated!  Totally not just a winter thing, but still- water is important, y’all!
  • Always, I mean always remove makeup before bed.
  • Moisturize! I’ve been using coconut oil these days and I’m in love!
  • Find a mask or serum or something that will give you a little extra moisture boost  once or twice a week during the super dry months. Use it without fail!

Here’s to a wonderful, glowy, healthy skin winter!




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